The X Lab has a first come first serve open admissions for kids ages 4–6.


Our Yung Dubois Kindergarten also has a first come first served admissions for young black boys ages 5–7. For more information click here.

are holding a virtual parent board meeting on January 17 @ 8pm, for anyone interested in learning more about our programs and discussing solutions for the state of education.

See calendar for dates and times, and please email if you have any questions!

What is XR?

XR Extended Reality (XR) is an all-encompassing term that includes Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).


What is XR Equity Education

Children in city scapes have had have an opportunity to engage/ They have been stuck inside during these times. These new technologies Temple X has prototyped an APP. A tool to unleash not only an engagement with

Hisrotically new technology is put in the hands of the rich early

June 19 marks Juneteenth, which Black people in the United States celebrate to mark their emancipation from slavery (Photo: “A group of slaves including men, women and children gathered outside a building at the Foller Plantation in Cumberland Landing, Pamunkey Run, Virginia, May, 1862.” Photo by James Gibson. Library of Congress). (Atlanta Black Star)

June 19, 1865, is a date that represents freedom to African Americans. It was a day that freedom was realized and for so long that realization has sparked a continuous fight. Freedom Day or Juneteenth represents the emancipation of African Americans in the United States of America. We selected Juneteenth…

In January of 2019, I sent this video message to the leadership at Liberty Grace Church of God and Beth Tfiloh Synagogue in Baltimore, MD. The reason behind this was to answer the question “Where are the sacred spaces for young children?”. This concept was shared during the beginning of a global pandemic that would shift education, impacting children and families around the world. The goal was to begin a process of thinking more about the needed innovation in education.

This is the beginning of our story.

Temple X Schools

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